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About Tears of Metal

Tears of Metal is a medieval hack-and-slash co-op roguelike. Carve through hordes of enemies to reclaim your island with the help of your formidable Scottish battalion.

As you advance deeper into the trenches, uncover more about the mysterious Dragon Meteor and the treacherous enemy invasion.

Reconquer your island

Carve through hordes of enemies on vast battlefields, by yourself or with your friends. Difficult challenges await at every turn. Fight your way across the island and wield unique combinations of mighty powers on every attempt. Rally more Scottish troops and grant them permanent upgrades as they acquire experience and grow stronger.

The Dragon Stone Meteor event brought swarms of occupiers to your doors, and along with it, mysterious and dangerous powers. Inscribe your name in legends, and lead your troops in a campaign to reclaim your home.

Combine powerful upgrades

Obtain powerful upgrades and combine them with over a hundred artifacts to create distinctive and devastating builds. Choose from multiple unique playable heroes and unleash increasingly explosive and lethal attacks directly from the frontlines. As the action unfolds, prepare to face the ominous power mined from the Dragon Stone.

Improve your soldiers

Your soldiers gain permanent skills between campaigns. Recruit, upgrade and fight alongside them as they become essential assets in your upcoming battles. But be prepared; if one of them falls in battle, they will be lost forever.

Expand your settlement

Expand your settlement between campaigns to gain access to new shops and buy permanent upgrades or even unlock difficult challenges for greater rewards.

Complete special objectives to discover new artifacts, playable characters, cosmetics, upgrades and combos. Unearth plenty of secrets as you traverse the war-torn battlefields.

Play solo or in co-op

Reconquer your island with your friends or by yourself through over 45 handcrafted environments with endless opportunities for unique scenarios and objectives. Invite friends to join your campaign and share the glory of victory!


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